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Why Caption?

  • 96% of the 600m Hearing Impaired in the world don’t have hearing aids and can not benefit from online videos and podcasts without captions.
  • 100% need better access to educational resources to improve their lives.
  • There are legal obligation for educational institutions to provide equal access to their online podcasts and videos for the hearing impaired.
  • Online videos with captions get 40% more viewings.
  • Better international reach: most non native speakers always  watch videos with subtitles.
  • Over 60% of YouTube’s audience are foreign language speakers and hearing-impaired viewers.
  • 85% of subtitle use is by the hearing when they watch in noisy environments or without volume for better privacy.
  • Accurate captions provide meta data for search engines to drive organic traffic to your website.
  • The caption text instantly increase the value of your media resources to students and researchers by making every video and podcast searchable and indexible.
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How to integrate with the Captionism Engine.

  1. Give us access to your videos and podcast.
  2. Paste in a few lines of code on your web site (or we can do it for you)
  3. … thats it.

Students, alumni, and visitors to your website can volunteer just a few seconds of their time to help make your media accessible.

We’ll give them game points and ranking trophies to make it more fun, or  reward them with real life benefits on your behalf to thank them for their help.

How we provide low cost captioning.

We use the best Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) software to create first guess captions. Then we use the far superior perception powers of human volunteers to check, correct and teach the ASR software to get better.

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Why use Captionism?

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